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Custom Peptides





        Billiton where Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a production of custom peptide and drug peptide products, polypeptides optimization and design process, as well as peptide impurity analysis and service products mainly to amino acids, fluorescent dyes, sugar derivatives, smallmolecular custom Synthesis and small molecule components supplemented by high-tech enterprises. The company is headquartered in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, has specialized technical services and sales team with marketing, research, finance, personnel, administrative and other departments as well as the production base and large scientific instruments, and in the United States. Professional talent by industry veterans responsible for company operations, and is committed to building the Asia and the world-renowned brand, our aim: Choose us, choose rest assured.



     A Custom Peptide Synthesis
1) ordinary linear peptide milligrams to grams level even kg, up to 99% purity .
2) Simple modified peptides: free N-terminal acetylation, amidation end.
3) a complex-modified peptide: a glycopeptide, lipopeptide, the phosphorylated peptide (Ser, Thr, Tyr), cyclic peptide (lactam ring, a disulfide ring, disulfide bond, three sulfur bond), the fluorescent labeled peptide (Cy3, Cy5 , BODIPY, FITC, FAM, etc., free full wavelength of the fluorescence and UV scan), biotin-labeled peptide (Biotin), conjugated antigen peptide (MAP), etc. 

4) protein crosslinking: KLH, BSA, OVA also provides Sepharose peptides coupled services.
5) contains a special amino acid peptide: containing D-amino acids and various amino acid derivatives
6) different purity range: crude peptide,> 70%,> 80%,> 90%,> 95%,> 98%,> 99%
Directory peptide synthesis service (
Three characteristics peptide library: natural products active peptides, antimicrobial peptides, beta-Amyloid peptide library
, Amino acids and sugars, and their derivatives (derivatives of various sugars, sugar, peptide synthesis)
, Fluorescent and light-emitting dye technology can FITC, Fam, Rhodamine B, Cy sequence, AMC, AFC fluorescently labeled.
6, small molecule custom synthesis services (small molecules to macromolecular compounds grooming services, provide custom synthesis of small molecule)
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China shinePeptide Company continues to focus on customer needs for products that satisfy the distinct requirements of each client and in being dedicated to delivering high quality peptides to pharmaceuticaland biotechnology companies worldwide. To our customers who depend on us as their manufacturing partner, we appreciate your confidence in our services.

Prices are correct at the time of printing but are subject to change without notice due to changing market conditions. shinepeptide will always offer you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Please checkour website for the mostcurrent pricing. Prices quoted are in $orRMB. Bulk discount prices are offered on all of our products when ordered in larger quantities. We will gladly quote on bulk, standing or blanket purchase orders.

With years of experience in catalog and custom peptides, we have taken our expertise online. Our site provides current information about our products, services and future product developments and, at the same time, offers you a site that is secure and confidential for all of your transactions with us.

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