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  1. 1GMAP (1-41), amide
  2. 2Galanin, rat
  3. 3Galanin-Lys(Biotin), human
  4. 4Leucokinin
  5. 5Antimicrobial Peptides
  6. 6Dermaseptin
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Process R&D

             As a specific non-GMP peptide company, under current globe peptide market with more and more competition, making full use of own advanced technology and manufacture means, Tovan Peptide (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TPC Shanghai) located its peptide business into providing difficult catalog and custom peptides to the global customers. A little of effort was provided to the early research at global bio-pharmaceutical and related field.

            Leader in Peptide Synthesis
shinepeptide dedicates significant resources to support
your research:
• Solid and solution-phase technologies
• Expertise in difficult and unusual sequences
• PEGylation
• Selective oxidations for unnatural disulfide
• Highly modified and unusual amino acids
• Capacity to synthesize gram to multi-kilogram
• 1kg per batch
• Boc, Fmoc, chemistry
• CMC and other services
• Validation of manufacturing process and analytical
• Drug Master File (DMF) and updates

Every batch of drug substance is provided with a lot-specific
COA (Certificate of Analysis). A typical COA contains
the following information:
• Appearance
• Solubility
• Purity by gradient HPLC
• Molecular Weight
• Amino Acid Analysis
• Peptide content
• Counter-ion content
• Water content
• Residual organic solvent content
• Endotoxin Analysis